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The Cover of my Blurb book

The Cover of my Blurb book

For this article, I believe “a picture is worth a 1000 words” so my discussion will be brief.  After my first trip to Chobe National Park, I chose to print a book of the journey as a gift to my son.  The book cost a lot.  At time of printing nearly $85 a copy, but it was a BIG book became a 178 page story in 11×14 pages.  I chose to use what was then a new company, Blurb, to print my book.  After ordering, I was nervous for a few weeks waiting for delivery.  Bottom line:  WORTH THE WAIT! Once I saw the book, I knew I had made a great decision.

Since that first edition, we have printed 3 books and given out several dozen as gifts.  Everyone loves the books.  Previously, one could only preview the first 15 pages.  Now, Blurb has added an option that well allow settings to let others see the entire book.  I have set mine to that setting….so now you can view my original book and draw your on conclusions.  Here is the link.

Blurb is easy to use.  You download a software onto your computer that allows one to do layout.  You will have a choice of book sizes, cover types and page colors.  If you have quality photos, I highly recommend using the ‘full bleed’ page layout.  This is one of our best tips as these books are well made and we think you will love sharing this for years to come. On our recent safari, my son took along a copy of our book to share with the staff of the lodge we stay at while visiting Chobe, Kubu Lodge.  I was surprised just how much the lodge owner and lodge workers treasured the book.  We also shared the book with others within our safari group and several have now started projects for publishing on Blurb.  Once you have ‘published’ your book, you can set a selling price for others, allowing a profit on your effort, but you will still be able to buy at cost.  The site also has a dashboard allowing you to see weekly views and purchases by others.  Do it, you will have no regrets.

Link of interest:   Blurb

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