Moveable Feast

This article was published in ‘theVoice’

– all we can say is ‘that’s Africa

By Chenjelani Baraedi
When a wounded kudu found refuge in a family’s village compound, it thought it had found safety, and the family thought that they had been blessed with unexpected feast. But the Wildlife Department proved them both wrong.
The family in Matshelagabedi village could not believe their eyes last Wednesday morning when a wounded Kudu leapt into their home desperately trying to escape vicious dog which were in pursuit.
Therezia Aron, 36, said the kudu appeared from nowhere while she was sweeping the yard. “We managed to prevent it from entering the hut where my grandfather stays, and the animal, which was bleeding from the mouth, eventually parked itself between two huts.
After safely locking the children in another house she alerted the police and wildlife officers. “The animal destroyed my fence and the wall of my house and scared the hell out of everyone in the yard,” Therezia said.
Neighbour Mpaphi Chipo, 33, who rushed to the scene, said:  “I saw the animal jumping over the fence into Therezia’s yard. It was  fleeing from a pack of village dogs that were hot in pursuit.”
By the time Wildlife officers arrived, the scene had attracted a large crowd of excited villagers, many of whom were anticipating a slice of the animal as bounty.
The officer, who was to perform the ‘execution,’ ordered the crowd to stand back as he took aim with his powerful and ‘dangerous’ rifle. He fired twice, missing both times as the terrified animal jumped the fence and bolted into the bush, leaving the expectant crowd disappointed.
“In the past, no officer would have been called. The animal was a gift from God and its meat would have been shared out. Now this idiot who does not how to handle a gun, has spoiled everything,” one angry villager commented.”
For its part, the Wildlife Department declined to comment.

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