Continuing the Search for the Perfect Beanbag – Naturescapes’ newest entry … the SkimmerSack

In a previous article, we discussed commercially available bean bag options for safari.  We promised to continue reviewing versions as they became available.

OKay, so this article is …. well …. I guess it is a press release.  This bag has not been reviewed by us.  The information below is a ‘cut and paste’ from the web site.  We new Greg Downing had been working on a design for some time and are excited about this new offering. Hopefully we will get a copy of this new bag for testing, but for now, we are just passing on the information:

The Skimmer Sack from

NatureScapes’ newest innovation – The SkimmerSack Beanbag transforms into many different configurations for endless shooting possibilities with or without the use of the Skimmer II Ground Pod. Read about the key features and see the detailed images for suggested uses.

Construction and Key Features:

The SkimmerSack is the most durable and the most flexible beanbag on the market.

Here is why:

  • Unique transformable design – a multitude of uses and configurations. See images for suggested uses.
  • First ever “U” shaped bag with unique round-top design for use alone, or matched perfectly with the Skimmer Ground Pod II placed on top.
  • For use with any lens and camera combination from wide angle up to a 600/4 or 800/5.6.
  • Continuous non-skid Toughtek fabric inside of the legs for non slip grip on car doors
  • Highly contoured design allows less fill than other bags – weighs only 8 pounds when full using whole sunflower seeds
  • Large zippered opening with protective flap for easy secure filling
  • All seams are double stitched for extra strength – stress areas stitched at least 5 times*
  • Hook and loop straps at each end of the “legs” for tying the bag down to door handles or safari roof rack.
  • Sewn in handles on each side – may be used for tie downs or to secure the Skimmer using a 3″ climber’s clip attached to the Skimmer’s carrying tab.
  • When used with the Skimmer Ground Pod II you can use with any ballhead, Gimball head or simply install a Wimberley C-10 quick release plate for the lowest profile option. Riser blocks may also be used to fine tune your shooting height. Vehicle images shown are of a toyota highlander which is short as SUV’s go.

*The Skimmer Sack is extemely durable – most others bean bags are made of cheaper nylon “pack cloth” or cotton canvas materials and employ only single stitching methods.

Configuration variations with the SkimmerSack - photos copyright


  • Durable 500 denier DuPont Cordura(r) nylon (waterproof urethane coated)
  • Non-skid Toughtek fabric for the interior
  • US-Made Fabrics


  • Self-healing #5 zipper
  • Hook and loop closures


  • U.S. Made
  • All seams double stitched with nylon thread for added strength
  • Stress areas stitched at least 5 times
  • Empty Weight: 5oz
  • With 70-90% fill you can place over a car door and shoot with a lens alone or with the use of a Skimmer II Ground Pod on top. It can also be used upside down.**
  • With 40% fill the “legs” can be folded under making a flatter “pancake” style beanbag for use with smaller lenses or for a lower profile.
  • With 70-80% fill the “legs” can be spread out and placed on top of a car or in between the rails of a safari vehicle – leaving the round surface available for cradling your lens or placing the Skimmer II on top.

**We recommend about 80% fill when using with a Skimmer from the car – more for a tighter firmer top and less for a lower profile. Less fill allows the Skimmer II to be cradled by the excess material on the top surface and allows a lower shooting profile.

The SkimmerSack is a cooperative design of and Kinesis Photo Gear. Manufactured by Kinesis. Made in the USA.


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