Photo Tip (and a quick test): The X-Rite Online Color Challenge

Color in your photos may start with checking the white balance in the field, however, to get the print color correct, ultimately you will need with accurate color on your screen and at your printer. Photographers understand that a color-managed workflow is essential to obtain true color from capture, to edit, to print.

Screen Capture of The X-Rite Color IQ Test

In spite of our need for accurate color, the fact is 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.

X-Rite is a well known name in color checking for printing.  Their products include the ColorChecker, Pantone huey Pro and the Color Munki Photo.  These tools are some of the best in class for both monitor calibration and printer calibration.

In addition to their tools to automate color accuracry for your monitor and printer, they have put together a cool FREE test to test your Color IQ.

The link is here.

So, how did you score?  I must admit that I didn’t score that well – 36 . . .  and that was on my desktop with a calibrated monitor.  I took the test another time on my laptop and scored even worse.  Maybe if I stared at the screen longer I could score higher.  I am not sure that is critical.  I did learn the color range where I struggled and will know to look carefully at my images when working in those color ranges.  I am not sure this is a critical test for a photographer, but after taking it, I am glad that I use tools to calibrate my monitor and not just my eye.

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