Coffee Table Book: South Africa by Micheal Poliza and friends


As Chobe Safari has been noted before, Michael Poliza is one of our inspirational photographers.  His book AFRICA change how I tried to shoot animals on my last trip to Botswana.  I must confess I was only half satisfied with my results as the original always exceeds imitation.  So with that backdrop, I was extremely excited to hear last October that a new large format book by Mr. Poliza was planned.  Well, the time is here.  Michael’s new book “SOUTH AFRICA” should be available in May.  By the way, my understanding is that the cover shown on most book order web sites is not the cover planned.  The cover will actually be the one shown in this article.

Please view an Introduction Video by Michael Poliza from his Facebook page

Part of what made his book Africa so powerful was the size of the book.  I hope to buy this one in the large format also.  However, just to clarify, SOUTH AFRICA comes out in two different versions. The same size as AFRICA and EYES OVER AFRICA, but a little thinner and a bit less money, so only Euro 75,00.  And for the the more budget oriented, we now have a softcover version thats smaller and has a few less pics. The softcover goes for Euro 29,90 !

As to the cover, they both have the Elephant image on the cover. Unfortunetly AMAZON nor Barnes & Noble has not updated their database, so they are still showing an early version on the SOUTH AFRICA book. That should all clarify in the next few days…

Michael has provided a few images to the public as a sneak peak of the upcoming book.  From these, it’s obvious that Poliza will still thrill us with images of wildlife, but in this book, he is adding much more of the culture of South Africa as well as images from the amazing coastline.  We hope you enjoy these glimpses into the upcoming book, but from our experience with his prior books, know that these small, low resolution images will pale besides the larger scale and higher quality images you will be seeing in the actual book, so make sure you order a copy.

Male Cheetah at Sunset - copyright Michael Poliza

Zebras shot in the classic Poliza style - copyright Michael Poliza

A face from South African - copyright Michael Poliza

An Appropriate Image considering that the World Cup coming to South Africa in 2010 - copyright Michael Poliza

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