Introducing the photography of Sergey Gorshkov

The internet is a wonderful tool.  Programs like Facebook have allowed us to find many photographers from around the world that without the internet, we would never even know existed, much less know the quality of their work. Sergey Gorshkov is a fine example.  Through many mutual photographers, we were ‘friended’ and I began to see some of Sergey’s work.  In particular, an image of his of a fox in the snow caught my attention and I began more closely watching for his images. I looked up his web site and love the work there.  One of the tabs features shots from Africa.  Recently, he posted a link to his blog/journal with some interesting wildlife shots from Africa and (I think) Botswana.  The journal is in Russian and I do not speak or read Russian … but I can enjoy looking at Mr. Gorshkov’s images … and I do.

We have chosen a few of Sergey’s ‘jumping animals’ collection to introduce you to his work …. so with no further ado, here are some of the typical images of Sergey Gorshkov (all images © Sergey Gorshkov)

Awards from the 1st Botswana Water Jumping Competition

First Prize is awarded to the Lioness

Second Prize is awarded to Sergey's Impala image

Third Prize goes to the Leopard, who may have one first if the image was taken 1/10 second sooner.)

Honorable Mention goes to the Waterbuck, who practically walks on water

Last Prize goes to Mr. Gorshkov's hippo, which made no effort to jump at all.

Links to Sergey Gorshkov’s images:

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